Model Clause

MEDIATION – The parties may submit the controversies related to the present agreement to mediation, according to the Rules of Mediation of CAMARB – Business Arbitration Chamber – Brazil. The commencement of arbitration does not prevent the parties to begin, continue or reopen mediation.

ARBITRATION – In case either party is not interested in starting mediation or the dispute is not solved by mediation, any and all disputes arising out of relating to this contract shall be settled by arbitration, to be administered by CAMARB – Business Arbitration Chamber – Brazil in accordance with its Rules of Arbitration, I force on the date of commencement of the respective procedure.

The place of arbitration shall be ________ (city, state, country).

The languages shall be _________.

The parties establish that the procedure shall be conducted by ________ (1 or 3) arbitrator (s) appointed in accordance to said Rules.