Appointed to act as an arbitrator in an arbitration proceeding managed by CAMARB, I was extremely pleased to be acquainted with its arbitration rules, on a par with those of the world’s most important international courts, and with the facilities of this genuinely-Brazilian chamber – both in São Paulo facility and in Belo Horizonte, and, moreover, with the excellence of the professional services rendered by competent and highly specialized personnel.

Cláudio Santos

Retired STJ Judge. Lawyer in Brasília.

As its first president, I witnessed CAMARB’s remarkable development right from its inception in 1997 as a non-profit entity dedicated to out-of-court dispute resolutions. Acclaimed both nationally and internationally, CAMARB has contributed decisively to the dissemination and consolidation of arbitration in Brazil, and is currently one of the country’s most respected chambers. Its arbitration-management experience, regulations in line with best practices in arbitration law, and dedicated and qualified professionals, are proof that the project has consolidated itself over its fifteen years’ existence, and ensure that the proceedings submitted to CAMARB will be handled with efficiency and security.

Eduardo Grebler

Lawyer. Partner at Grebler Advogados.

I have participated in various arbitration proceedings with CAMARB as a lawyer for the involved parties. In addition to having modern and adequate facilities, this chamber has a qualified and efficient staff, which allows for the organization, monitoring and notification of procedural acts to be extremely agile and efficient.
CAMARB’s regulations are modern and objective, providing the parties with the necessary legal certainty and the flexibility to agree on deadlines and comply with arbitration awards. In my assessment, CAMARB is today one of the best and most respected institutions in the Brazilian arbitration field, for which reason it has been increasingly chosen by contracting parties, both in the public and private sectors.

Fernando Pinheiro

Lawyer. Partner at Pinheiro Mourão Raso e Araújo Filho Advogados

I regard CAMARB as one of the most well-organized arbitration institutions, on a par with other internationally recognized institutions. The Clerk’s Office staff is thorough, competent, fast and extremely professional.

Fernando Serec

Lawyer. Partner at Tozzini Freire Advogados

I am very pleased to act as an arbitrator at CAMARB. I had the honor of attending a few years ago the event that marked the start of its activities. After that, my experience with CAMARB has been one of the best. Its regulations are accurate, current and adequate to the agility and efficiency of the arbitration jurisdiction, incorporating state of the art in Brazil and abroad. Its facilities are comfortable and well equipped. In addition, it is comprised of a competent and experienced Clerk’s Office, Management Board and Board of Directors. It is no coincidence, therefore, that CAMARB is among the most recognized and well-known Arbitration Boards among arbitration professionals, not only in Minas Gerais, but also around the country.

Floriano Peixoto de Azevedo Marques Neto

Lawyer. Partner at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Sociedades de Advogados.

It was at CAMARB that I conducted my first arbitration in early 2000. Since then, I have had several opportunities to experience the clarity of its Regulations, the efficiency and cordiality of its employees and the adequacy of its facilities. One can easily recommend this arbitration body because of their continued support throughout the arbitration proceeding.

Francisco Maia Neto

Lawyer and Engineer. Partner at Francisco Maia & Associados and Precisão Consultoria. President of the Bar Association Arbitration Committee.

On the many occasions I have worked at CAMARB as an arbitrator, I was greatly impressed with its facilities and support services, as well as with the efficiency of the institutional procedures in place.

Humberto Theodoro Júnior

Lawyer. Partner at Humberto Theodoro Júnior Advogados Associados.

CAMARB has always stood out for its excellence in managing arbitration proceedings, providing the arbitrators and the parties with speed, discretion and efficiency. As an arbitrator, I find it important to highlight its unique arbitration proceedings, which I have had the opportunity to work in and can attest to CAMARB’s management capacity. In said arbitration, all the hearings were held in São Paulo, where the witnesses and parties resided. CAMARB’s performance was impeccable and decisive to the progress of the proceedings. It handled the logistics of the hearings, took care of the transportation and lodging of the arbitrators, offered a place with adequate physical structure, equipped with audiovisual resources, recording capability, and stenographers, which greatly aided the proceeding. In sum, the arbitrators, the parties and their respective lawyers, were provided with the same standard of quality, safety and efficiency offered at its headquarters in Belo Horizonte.

João Henrique Café de Souza Novais

Lawyer. Partner at João Café Novais Advogados.

I have had the opportunity to act as an arbitrator at CAMARB a few times. There I found all the necessary administrative support that allowed me to focus on what was relevant to the parties. In addition, CAMARB has modern and very flexible regulations that provide a lot of security to the parties and to the arbitrators. I believe that CAMARB is undoubtedly one of the best and most efficient Brazilian arbitration institutions, a position that it justifiably deserves to occupy.

José Emílio Nunes Pinto

Lawyer. Partner at José Emílio Nunes Pinto Advogados.

From a lawyer’s point of view, CAMARB stands out for its organization, an essential element to the success of the arbitration procedure. The availability and accessibility of its Clerk’s Office also greatly assists the professionals involved in the proceedings at CAMARB. In addition, its flexible regulations allow for wide autonomy of the parties, which is obviously the basis of arbitration. It is no wonder that despite having its headquarters in Belo Horizonte, CAMARB has already expanded to Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

José Roberto de Castro Neves

Lawyer. Partner at Ferro, Castro Neves, Daltro & Gomide Advogados

I have already had the opportunity to act in two cases as an arbitrator at CAMARB and I can assure you that it is an arbitration center of extremely high quality with modern facilities, with tested-and-tried regulations in several cases, with efficient administrative and clerical support. In addition, its costs are fair and proportionate, providing companies an excellent cost-effective option in the national market. I will be delighted to act in new cases either as an arbitrator or as a lawyer before CAMARB.

Luciano Benetti Timm

Lawyer. Partner at Carvalho, Machado e Timm Advogados

My first contact with CAMARB coincided with my debut in arbitration. In representing a governmental agency at a time in which the State’s subjective arbitrability was still the subject of debate, I was able to experience the Chamber’s clerks’ professionalism, correctness, and integrity, which, added to the professional excellence of the appointed arbitrators and the flexible nature of its Regulations, allowed the proceeding to unfold satisfactorily and were key to my satisfaction with the Chamber’s services. Today, the Brazilian legislature has explicitly granted the government the right to rely on arbitration to resolve disputes, it is with great satisfaction that I take notice of CAMARB’s effort to identify peculiarities in the proceeding to which the State is a party, showing its concern for maintaining the same standard of quality and efficiency, for these arbitrations, with which it has worked over the years and that certainly justifies the prominence it has won in the scenario of national arbitration.

Melina Kurcgant

Attorney. Legal Advisor to the Office of CPTM (São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company)

In keeping up with the development of arbitration in Brazil, CAMARB has drawn up good procedural regulations, providing an adequate structure, a Clerk’s Office with good professionals, in addition to experienced and knowledgeable Arbitration professionals. All of this contributes to the fact that CAMARB is seen today as the benchmark in terms of arbitration chambers, with excellence in the services rendered, which was evident in the cases I participated in.

Pedro Batista Martins

Lawyer. Partner at Batista Martins Advogados. Co-author of Lei Brasileira de Arbitragem (Brazilian Arbitration Law).

My work as an arbitrator, to this date, involved, in most cases, proceedings held before CAMARB. The first one, still in the year 2000, was also one of the first cases handled by CAMARB and, as an arbitrator recommended by one of the parties, I shared the task with the late Celso Barbi Filho, the other co-arbitrator, who was referred by Prof. Humberto Theodoro Junior to act as umpire. Many years later in a meeting with businesspeople, I heard from one of them, a foreigner, a commendable reference to Brazilian arbitration, mentioning by way of example, the experience he had with this proceeding. It has been wonderful to have the administrative support of CAMARB over the years. Certainly one of the best equipped chambers in Brazil.

Raul de Araújo Filho

Lawyer. Partner at Pinheiro, Mourão, Raso e Araújo Filho Advogados.

As an arbitrator acting in several cases managed by CAMARB and also as an attorney involved in other relevant arbitration proceedings, I can testify that this entity has always acted with promptness and efficiency in conducting all the work entrusted to it. As a result, I can affirm that CAMARB has been consolidating itself as one of the most reputable arbitration institutions in the country, providing the best alternative dispute resolution service in the manner outlined by Law no. 9.307/96.

Ricardo Alvarenga

Lawyer. Partner at Rolim,Viotti & Leite Campos Advogados

Participating in arbitrations at CAMARB, which has a clear and efficient regulation, granting flexibility to the parties and an arbitral tribunal that molds the arbitration to each case in accordance with the legislation, in addition to granting the consensual security sought by the parties, contributing and encouraging diligent and proactive performance of the arbitrators. These characteristics are fundamental to attract all types of arbitrations, especially complex arbitrations, including those of engineering projects, as is the case with governmental sectors.
Since we started our annual survey five years ago on the amounts at stake in arbitrations in Brazil, CAMARB has been one of the largest and most important Arbitration Chambers because it manages a good many complex cases, comparable to those seen in international arbitrations.

Selma Ferreira Lemes

Lawyer. Partner at Selma Lemes Advogados. Co-author of the Brazilian Arbitration Act).