Template Clause

In order to elect arbitration as a form of dispute resolution, CAMARB recommends the insertion of the following arbitration clause template:

” All and any dispute arising from or related to this agreement shall be settled by Arbitration, to be administered by CAMARB – Business Mediation and Arbitration Chamber – Brazil, in compliance with the provisions of its Arbitration Rules.

The parties may also define the venue of the arbitration, the language and the number of arbitrators, as follows:

“The arbitration will be held in ___________ (city, state, country).”

“The language will be _____________ .”

“The parties provide that the proceeding shall be conducted by ______ (1 or 3) arbitrator(s), appointed in accordance with the provisions of the said Rules.”

CAMARB is available to clarify any doubts regarding the wording of an arbitration clause, in order to fulfill specific demands of the parties.